Baba askofu

Baba askofu is a curious expression, with a recently coined homosexual meaning, which would translate as “father bishop.” Originally, it is an expression used as a sign of respect towards the representatives of the Christian churches, with an extended use outside of the religious context, where it points to people who stand out for their position, generosity, and altruism. Mama askofu would be the equivalent expression for women.

However, and following the scandals of sexual abuse of children perpetrated by church priests, this expression, in a unique metonymic turn, has evolved to point out the top homosexual man in a determined context. In fact, Baba askofu is one of the few expressions, together with Basha or Mende, that indicate the top position in homosexual anal intercourse, in a region where adopting the top or the bottom role within homosexual behavior means everything.

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