Since Swahili is a language whose use extends throughout different countries, we can not speak of an only Swahili gay slang, but we find differentiated jargons depending on the area in which we are. While the most common would be the Sheng of Kenya and the Lugha ya mitaani (“languages of the city’s neighborhoods” or “street language”) of Tanzania, there are also more local jargons and Kubumziwa is a slang term that belongs to one of these.

This expression fits in the so-called “Coasti Slang” and more specifically in Mombasan jargon. A jargon developed towards the 80s and related to the increase of Western female sex tourism (European sugar mamas), especially of German women who, along with their bikinis and their desire for a sexual memory, brought certain words.

One of those German words is “bumsen” which means to fuck and that, as you can see, quickly joined the vocabulary of the local “beach boys” in the form of the expression “kubumzen“.

From this new word, or rather, from the verb, derives the word kubumziwa, to which the affix -iw (passive derivative affix of the Swahili language) is added, giving rise to the “kubumziwa” slang term, which names the action of being penetrated by a homosexual man. In this exotic and half commercial scene of international and interracial sex, the term used for fucking a foreign woman derives into the one meaning being fucked by a European sugar daddy. We are not, as in most cases, facing a name or even an adjective that is used to name, ridicule or insult homosexual men, but we are dealing with a verb that tells us about a particular time and place. How can we translate this into the English language? Suggestions are accepted.

Variation: Bumziwa.

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