Silahis is an expression of the Tagalog language, a loanword from the Cebuano, used to refer derogatorily to bisexual people. However, if we go deeper, and given this Filipino peculiarity that makes it difficult to separate identity and orientation, we see that there are homosexual men who define themselves as Silahis because they are not effeminate, and that there are also silahis married to women, with children, who would like to dress and behave like a woman, and that they have sex with women and men. To complicate it, the Tagalog dictionary defines it as “the rays of the sun breaking through the clouds” and as “a ray in its moral sense” (if anyone knows this moral sense, please, tells us). However, silahis was an expression belonging to the swardspeak jargon – the relationship with the ray can be any or none – and that, from the 70s, was replaced by other sward words.

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