Ku’er (酷儿)

The Chinese expression Ku’er (酷儿) is the phonetic adaptation of the English word Queer and is with tóngzhì (同志) one of the expressions preferred by the Chinese LGBT community. As society has progressed in rights and freedoms, in addition to imported expressions such as ku’er (酷儿) new expressions have been coined to talk about sexual diversity. Some examples are:

· Shuāng xìng liàn (双性恋): the literal translation is “two-gender love” and is the expression used to refer to a bisexual person.

· Biànxìng rén (变性人): the literal translation is “changed-gender person”, and is the expression used to refer to a transgender person.

· Cíxióngjiānxìng (雌雄间性): intersexual, intersexuality.

· Shēnglǐ xìngbié (生理性别): biological sex.

· Xìngbié jiāolǜ zhèng (性别焦虑症): gender dysphoria.

· Xìngbié rèntóng (性别认同): gender identity.

Other words of the same language:
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