It is an expression, whose origin dates from the 16th century, used to name a young girl who prefers activities, appearance and boy attitude, of the alleged feminine. Although often is associated with lesbianism and is used as a synonym for lesbian, the truth is that this term refers to gender expression and not to sexual orientation, and for this reason it can also be used to point out an effeminate boy who tries to look masculine.can also be used to name an effeminate boy who tries to seem masculine. There are tomboy girls who are lesbians and who are not. Check our article for the Stereotypes Collection to read more about this word, about the role of stereotypes and also the article in our blog in which we delve into this important feature of sexuality, such as gender expression.

Photograph of a framed poster with the Tomboy design, a masculine girl drawn on a green background. In the lower part, the word Tomboy is read in large.

Poster with Tomboy design. You can purchase it in our online stores. 

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