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bromance, black and white photo of two friends talking while walking in the park, one of them is skateboarder

Some suggest that the Bromance arose among skaters and surfers.
Photo: Bromance, by Todd F Niemand, used under CC BY-NC 2.0 / resized and optimized.

Bromance is the love that unites two, or sometimes more, straight men. This expression, they say, was coined in the 1990s by Dave Carnie, editor of the Skateboarding magazine Big Brother, to describe the intimate friendship that sometimes linked two skaters who spent a lot of time together. This term, composed with the words brother and romance, began to enjoy popularity around 2005 with its emergence in cinema and television, making more visible the changes that were occurring in Western masculinity, immersed in the metrosexual phenomenon. In this kind of relationship, admiration, trust, and loyalty are absolute and also, there are hugs and loving expressions, although there is no attraction or sexual activity, this is in theory and by definition because at that time the g0y man also emerged, who starts his relationship with another with a bromance.

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