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Homosexual behavior

Homosexual behavior is the sexual relationship between people of the same sex (sorry about the binarism), in the same way, heterosexual behavior is that which occurs between people of the opposite sex. Which we can extend to almost the entire animal kingdom. Nothing new here, right?

Talking about homosexual behavior deserves special interest if it is to differentiate it from homosexuality. They are related but different aspects. Of a homosexual people, we can expect them to have homosexual behavior, but this does not prevent in any way, that they have sexual experiences with people of the opposite sex, and vice versa. Likewise, a heterosexual person does not become homosexual or bisexual by having sexual contact with a person of the same sex. This highlights the current identity conception of homosexuality: I am homosexual. A conception that did not exist until the end of the 19th century when the term was invented. What was there before? Many things, however, what we know for sure, is that there was homosexual behavior, no matter how much we go back in time.

Distinguish these two concepts is essential if we want to understand human sexuality, because the behavior is comparable, because focusing on homosexual behavior, and not on homosexuality, we can understand where it comes from and what its role is. 

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