Arsenokítis (Αρσενοκοίτης)

Arsenokítis (Αρσενοκοίτης) is a term that appears for the first time in the new testament of the bible, from the hand of Saint Paul. It is not known for certain what the meaning was for the author, but although the literal translation of the idea of “male bed” or “male to take you to bed”, the successive translations and interpretations of the bible have given rise to the idea that it means “the man who sleeps with another man” for what has finally been translated as a sodomite. However, this idea is a mistake, because in the time of St. Paul there were many terms to name men who had sex with other men, such as palakos, kinaidos, paiderastes, arrenomanes or paidophthoros. Having so many words to choose from, why St. Paul invent a new word? 

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    • Hi Rolf!

      We don’t really understand what are you asking for. For example, Αρσενοκοίτης in Latin alphabet is Arsenokítis, but there’s no translation into English, just an explanation. We think what you’re asking for is what we’ve done.

      Kind regards.