Loca is a Spanish term widely used, even within the LGBT community, to refer to a very effeminate homosexual man.

On the origin of this expression, we can comment on a couple of hypotheses that complement each other.

In this expression, we find the phenomenon that we have talked about on many occasions: that of transferring to masculine homosexuality, a slang used previously for female prostitution, as is the case with the word gay. Loca also has/had the meaning of “mujer alegre” (happy woman), prostitute, etc.

On the other hand, loca, and its masculine form, loco, are words widely used in Spanish to refer to a person with a mental illness, just as homosexuality was considered in the pathologizing era.

Variations: Locaza, Loquita, Locaza desatada, Loquero (Venezuela), Loquísima (Cuba), Loca de atar (Peru), Loca desbaratada (Colombia), Loca desplumada (Cuba), Loca fuerte (Miami, Chile), Loca sucia (Miami, Rep. Dominicana, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela), Loca desmetecada (Mexico).
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Other words of the same language:

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  • “Female prostitution with gay men” ?? Do you actually mean bi men? Do you mean trans women who are prostitutes and are therefore not gay or men? Do you mean gay men who do drag and are prostitutes? The sentence makes no sense on its own.

    • Hi Danielle!

      We have just rewritten the post. I hope it will be more precise.

      Thank you for letting us know. Kind regards.