The word Maricón is augmentative of fag, which is also a kind of magpie

The word Maricón is augmentative of Marica, which is also a kind of magpie.

We could translate the Spanish word Maricón into the English term faggot. It is an expression that appeared in the 16th century, and it seems to refer more to the homosexual man with an attitude and masculine appearance, although throughout the centuries, its application has been changing. Being augmentative for Marica, the negative connotation is higher than in the terms Marica and Mariquita, a fact that draws attention due to the profound contempt for femininity that existed at the time, as we have already explained in this dictionary in the entry Marica.

It was not only used against homosexual men but also used as an insult for men who did not exercise domination and violence against women and to insult any man. Despite the manly nuance of the term, the Maricón became popular by becoming an archetype of the theater of the Spanish Golden Age, being the mannered and feminine aesthetics character to tease of, and to have fun at his expense and with which, therefore, should be avoided any comparison. For this reason, often appear in expressions like “te van a tomar por maricón” (they will see you as faggot).

Since the Spanish dictatorship Maricón also was used, to a greater extent, to refer to homosexual men with masculine attitude, and this greater invisibility was precisely that makes the Maricón had less social acceptance that the Mariquita, more feminine, with whom make fun (including sex) and therefore less dangerous. In this sense, the maricón aroused fear among heterosexual men because they had their same gender expression (not feminine) and, were supposed active (top) in sex, and also for being socially linked with pederasty.

Today, the term Maricón no longer has the hue of masculinity and, its use is general for any gay, to insult any heterosexual man and, even to name amicably between friends, either gay or straight.

Variants: Mariquita, Marica, Marieta, Mariquitilla, Mariíca, Mariconada, Mariconez, Mariconazo, Maricona, Mariconcete, Marimarica, Maruso, Marusa, Marico (Venezuela), Maricona dramática (Colombia, Miami, Honduras, Mexico, Puerto Rico), Mariquilla (Bolivia), Mariquito (Miami, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Perú, Puerto Rico, Venezuela).

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  • The word maricon has been used to devalue/strip a man’s identity. Being from Caribbean (dominican descent) I see it as a derogatory term to belittle and humiliate gay/ bisexual men till this date. It’s offensive and a very harsh word. Unfortunately, many latinos feel it’s still ok to insult people with this word.

    • Hi Rubén!

      The vast majority of the words in our dictionaries are like what you say about the word Maricón. Knowing its origin can help de-dramatize, and reappropriate the expression.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

  • Many latinos use this word. They’re so ignorant and nimrod at is finest. No wonder many white north americans don’t like mexicans and latinos