Pigeon. Although the term is best known for the idiom “más maricón que un palomo cojo”, this expression is slang for a homosexual or effeminate man, and Palomar (dovecote) was the name given to the place of prisons destined to homosexuals. There are several hypotheses for the origin or reason of the slang, that are complementary. The term Palomo is also slang for a fool or simple man, negative characteristics of men that, as on other occasions, are attributed to gays by the simple fact of being. Examples of this are the terms Pato and Julai. On the other hand, this term also has the meaning of a quiet and mild person, features that do not meet the male stereotype. And finally, we have the traditional association established between birds, feathers and certain insects with male homosexuality.

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  • In Mexico to this day many hole in the wall bars still have signs on their doors or windows with the Dove inside a circle with a line drawn through it. ? No Palomas = No Gays Allowed.

    • Hi again!

      We didn’t find anything about that. Maybe you took a picture? Could you send us any informaction, link, etc?