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Mayate is a term that has its origin in the word mayatl, from the Mexican Nahuatl language, used to denominate a beetle. People also use it to insult homosexual men, although more specifically, to name those men who define themselves as heterosexual, but who have sex with men. Mayate would be the equivalent of the Peruvian Mostacero and the Colombian Cucarrón. In both cases, the exclusively top role of these men in anal intercourse is highlighted by the rest of the feces that the penis can show after anal sex.

In Mayate, the relationship with feces may be that the larvae of this beetle feed on other animal feces, as is the case with the term Cucarrón, which is a beetle that is dedicated to transport balls of excrement from side to side to feed himself. There are those who affirm that the relationship with the beetle is that it makes perforations (penetrations) in the cornfields, even that it has to do with the bright colors of the insect in relation to the bright and strident colors of homosexual men, a relationship that we discard since this slang is clearly used to refer to masculine men.

The first written reference we have found of the word mayate related to homosexuality is found in 1904 in a text by Carlos Roumagnac “Criminals in Mexico: essay of criminal psychology” which talks about mayates and horses as slang expressions of the prison environment, being Mayate the men who perform the top role and the horses the men who played the bottom role. Bearing in mind the ability of “heterosexual” men to have sex with other men in the absence of women, we find in this origin the markedly masculine and top role of the word mayate that has come nowadays.

It should be noted that in the Pachuco’s Caló jargon, young people of Mexican origin residing in the southern United States, mayate is used to disparagingly refer to African-American men. Another meaning we have found of the slang mayate is that of a drunkard. And you only need to stroll about Twitter to realize that today, Mayate, Chacal, and Mostacero are anyone.

Synonyms: Mostacero, Cucarrón. See: Mostacero. Gay Dictionary (Peru)

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