Swahili is a language spoken mainly in Kenya and Tanzania. However, we also find speakers in some bordering areas such as Uganda. Kuchu seems to be a term of Swahili origin that some associate with the word “makuchu” but that nevertheless is not a proper part of speech or specific jargon of the language, but a kind of “Swahiliism” of Uganda where about 40 languages are spoken. Swahili, despite being an official language, is not only a very minor language, but since the time of the dictatorship of Idi Amin Dada it has a reputation for being the language of thieves and rascals.

It is used within the Uganda LGBT community as the equivalent of the English word “queer” though and may also have pejorative use.

We would like to take advantage of the opportunity offered by this entry to spread the word about a great documentary called “Call me Kuchu”, which shows the terrible situation that LGBT people have to live in Uganda.

See: Documentary «Call me Kuchu» (commented on a talk show).


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