one of the characteristics of Spanish Lesbian Dictionary is the transformation of some insults against gays for use against lesbians, which does not happen on the contrary. The reasons for this may be the greatest invisibility of lesbians in the past and the social status of women. The smaller number of expressions for lesbians is also a consequence of the above, so it is easy to understand that in a new and unknown fact, as sexuality and homosexual behavior of women, used the same words that are used against Gays, changing gender or using exactly the same. The word Amaricada would be an example of this, since it is a variation of the word Marica, which is used against gay or effeminate men. No matter the effeminacy of the original term, just the use against gays.

Related Chonga, Chongo (Argentina), Changa (Panama), Cudanga (Dominican Rep.), Fleta (Chile), Hueca (Guatemala), Maricona (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Miami, Dominican Rep., Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela), Mofletera (Mexico), Pájara (Dominican Rep.), Pata (Miami, Dominican Rep., Panama, Puerto Rico, Venezuela), Pato (Puerto Rico), Piroba (Colombia), Trola (Argentina).

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