The Spanish word croqueta (croquette) is slang for lesbian with a fairly recent origin, related to the idiom “hacer la croqueta” (making the croquette | log rolling), which means rolling on the ground or any surface, recalling the process of making this gastronomic delicacy.

one croqueta (croquette) on top of another with a speech bubble that says ummm

One croqueta on another making the idem. Umm.

We were asked a while ago about the origin of this expression, and when looking for information, everything we found led us to the website Hay una lesbiana en mi sopa (There is a lesbian in my soup) (HULEMS). So, we contacted the girls of this website, and their director told us that everything had arisen as a joke. It turns out that one day, one of the girls did not show signs of life, and when she finally got the phone, she told them that she had been making the croquette in bed, implying that she had been in bed with a girl. From then on, they incorporated this word into their vocabulary and also into their website, with such success that people began to use it to name lesbian people, increasing, with bollo and lechuga, the set of “edible” words.

There are few occasions when we have the privilege of knowing the origin of slang, and in many others, linguists offer and discuss the most complicated and extravagant explanations. It will not be the case of croqueta.

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