safic. It is a term used to refer to homosexual woman in the same way as sapphism and Sapphic are used to refer to lesbianism. The term Sáfica was originated from the celebrated poet Sappho from Mitilene, also known as Sappho of Lesbos, since she lived on that Greek island between the 650/610 and 580 B.C. Fragments of his work and some poems are preserved, especially by the echo of her works made by later authors. Unlike other poets, Sappho focused his work on sensitivity, beauty and her inner world. The fact that she belonged to an institution that preparing girls for marriage and thereafter, she founded House of the servants of the Muses, where her disciples learn to recite poetry, sing, make wreaths and flower pendant, makes to deduct from his poems that Sappho fell in love with her disciples and maintained relations with many of them. However, despite the few data we have about his life and the controversy over the object of his poems, she has become a symbol of love between women, which moves between myth and reality.

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