Sí fāt jái (屎弗仔)

Sí fāt jái (屎弗仔) is one of the expressions Chinese people use to derogatory reference to a homosexual man and that we could translate to the English language as Faggot. The first part Sí fāt (屎弗) translates as the butt and the last as a kid. It is a similar expression with Sí fāt lóu (屎弗佬) but to refer to a young man. This hard term belongs to the Cantonese Chinese.

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    • Thank you very much again, Noah!
      One question: Sí fāt jái could literally translate as little shit?
      Kind regards.

  • I’m not quite sure if that would be the right translation. That may be the correct if translated word for word, however the connotation would still be “fag”. Cantonese isn’t my primary language. However, 屎 does mean feces, and 仔 means kid, or young man. For example, 食屎 (sihk sí) is a common Cantonese insult, meaning “eat shit,” and 靚仔 (leng jái) means pretty or handsome boy. As for the meaning of the word 弗, I am not quite sure of.