Kunistós (Κουνιστός)

Its translation into the English language is swing, seesaw, rocking chair. How do fags walk? According to the Greeks in two ways: swinging and doing “ding-dang”. Surely you can imagine, the fag, walking down a street in Athens taking his poodle for a walk, with these women’s gait, swaying (kunistós / κουνιστός), and listening to the tinkling (digidángas / ντιγκιντάγκας) of the leading costume jewelry. An image and her two friends, the words, creating a referent. Check our post for the Gay Slang Collection for more information on this expression, and, above all, to know why the design we have created to illustrate this Greek word is the instructions for the assembly of a seesaw.

Close-up photograph of a white T-shirt worn by a boy with the Kunistós drawing, the assembly instructions for a rockeing chair, in white and blue colors.

T-shirt with the Kunistós drawing. You can purchase it in our online stores. 

Read more: Kunistós. Gay Dictionary (Greece).

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