The Mostacero is a heterosexual man and beyond, is the male, rough looking, virile, manual worker, sailor, soldier, welder, agro-man, etc, who gets horny with the butt of the apprentice. We can complete the profile with the essence of patriarchy: male chauvinism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. This type of man also is in great demand among fags seeking “real real men”.  The origin of this slang expression, as well as its synonyms, is quite scatological, read our Gay Slang Series post to learn more about this slang and about this curious masculine behavior.

Close-up photograph of a white T-shirt worn by a boy with the Mostacero design, the typical yellow and red bottle for mustard, from the Chacal brand.

T-shirt with the Mostacero drawing. You can purchase it in our online stores. 

Synonyms: Chacal, Cucarrón, Mayate

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