A term used in Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Cuba to insult gay men. As in other terms, to explain the origin of this use of the word alludes to gait duck or more eschatological animal issues. However, the explanation is much simpler: duck is a word with several meanings, basically two. In addition to the animal, duck also means a clumsy person, without grace, that not learns, dumb and teased, and as happens in so many insults, the negative characteristics of some men are transferred to homosexual men simply because they are so. You can find more information in our Gay Slang Series post.

Close-up photograph of a white T-shirt worn by a boy with the Pato drawing, in white, black and orange colors.

The Pato drawing printed on a white t-shirt. You can purchase it in our online stores.

Read more: Pato. Gay Dictionary (Latin America).

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