Trolo is a slang term created in Argentina which is used to insult gays. Its most likely origin is the masculinization of the slang trola, term used to insult “easy women” and also to refer to prostitutes. This is the same process used by words such as puto and gay, whose origin as slang for homosexual men is in the prostitution of women. This would be the most basic explanation because an Argentinian author told us that people don’t use trolo in itself. In order for it to be insulting, it must be used along with some complement such as trolo de mierda.

Now we are going to talk about which is not the origin of trolo, despite it being the most widespread version on the web (even in Instituto Cervantes). According to this version, trolo would have its origin in the trolleybus, a means of urban transportation inaugurated in Argentina in 1913. Why? Because the people accessed the trolleybus from behind, in a clear reference to anal intercourse. The investigation of this slang is not finished yet because we need dates and references. However, intuition tells us that this origin is one more of the simplistic and morbid explanations given to words refering to gay and lesbian people, the clearest example of this being the word tortillera.

See:  Trola. Lesbian Dictionary: Spain.

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