one of the common ways to point out lesbian women or women who for some physical or personal characteristic are considered masculines, and therefore might be lesbians, is to use professions or activities that are considered socially very masculine. This is the case of the word Camionera, that although the DRAE defined as a truck woman driver, it is a fairly common expression used against lesbians or against any woman you want to insult, using gender expression or possible sexual orientation. An equivalent expression in other languages is “Traktorlesbe” (Lesbian Tractor) used in Norway.

Variations  Camiona (Chile), Camión (Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela), Camionero (Guatemala), Camión aparcado en la esquina (Truck parked on the corner) (Spain).

Synonyms  Bombero (Argentina), Camión (Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela), Camión aparcado en la esquina (Spain), Camionero (Guatemala), Black and Decker (España. It is a well-known brand tools), General de cinco estrellas (Five-star General. Dominican Rep., Puerto Rico), Martillera, Tiene martillo (martillo means hammer. Dominican Rep., El Salvador, Spain), Tractor (Costa Rica), Trailera (Mexico. From trailer, which is bigger than a truck), Jefona, Jefota (From Boss. Dominican Rep.), Vulcanizadora (Mexico), Guerrillera (Bushwhacker. Honduras), Soldadora, Leñadora, Troquera.

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