Gay Dictionary: English

How to say gay in English

English is an Indo-European language spoken by over 500 million people and is official in more than 80 countries and territories. The national varieties of English, as well as Polari slang or Cockney rhyming slang create specific words from particular regions and others that travel from one place to another while retaining its meaning or exchanging it for another similar or radically different.

Most of the words are from the 19th and 20th centuries, but some date back to the 17th century, so you can find words that are no longer used, but all are useful to unravel how humanity has been linked to the homosexual behavior. There are also current expressions which, with time, we will expand.


The majority of the terms are originally created by straight people, so somehow expressed contempt and hostility that fear of homosexual behavior produced and continues producing, although in many cases the passage of time has been erased all that negativity and ended up being incorporated into normal speech and even into LGBT vocabulary.

Following the classification of Professor William A. Percy we can relate the terms and expressions of our English Gay Dictionary in 4 groups:


  1. For gays with active sexual role.

  2. For gays with passive sexual role.

  3. For effeminate men. The patriarchal feminization, in addition to turning homosexual men into women, by a puerile but tenacious psycho-biological determinism, transfer the worst stereotyped characteristics of women to gay men for the simple fact of being.

  4. For homosexuals who perform fellatio.

to which we have considered interesting add two more groups:


  1. The jargon of the gay community, which often is extremely brutal and other rather funny.

  2. The jargon of male prisons, that somehow shows the sexual plasticity of men.

The words and expressions of our English Gay Dictionary have been obtained from many different sources, but unlike many of these sources, which are copies from one another, each of the items has been analyzed, investigated, contrasted and expanded within the posibilities. During the making of this dictionary we have met with the revealing, extensive and excellent work of William Percy, professor at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, not quoted as a source but rather as approach.


Term Definition
Ace queen

great queen. 70s expression of the prison slang for who wears a more feminine look as possible, with shaved legs and plucked eyebrows, etc. This same phenomenon we have seen today, for example, in Latin America prisons, where the transformation of a gay man in a woman may suppose some protection and even survival. Modern prisons in the more developed countries, with vis-à vis-protocols, allow men to have sex with women. The question is whether, although undercover, homosexual behavior still roam freely or not in modern prisons.

Anal buckaneer

it is the first of our expressions with this meaning. Pirate, bandit, thief, rider, kicker... of ass. Although it is a term used in the 80s in gay bashing, Anal buckaneer refers to the active (top) role in sexual relations, that in some sense is masculine and virile, and is opposed, for example, to Ass boy (one man reduced to a single part of his body, the ass, made available to anyone who wants to fuck him), that in the same way serve to insult gays but would establish a different category, because a boy is less manly than a buccaneer or a bandit. Despite as faggot is the top as the bottom, insults let us read between the lines, that the classical systems of homosexual behavior, the teacher-pupil and master-slave, still in force today, so expressions for top gay are less derogatory than the expressions for bottoms.

Anal jabber

ass inyector, ass-kicker. Another expression of the 80 used in gay bashing, which also has the sense of top in anal intercourse.


scientific term used for effeminate homosexual in the early 20th century, when the scientific community got their knickers in a twist with sexual diversity. Currently the term androgynous has a related meaning, but totally different.

Arse bandit

expression originated in the UK to insult gays, also belonging to the collection of expressions for the “least bad” top gays.

Variations Ass bandit.

Ass boy

in this expression, used to insult gays and more specifically to bottoms, two important issues in gay slang come together. On the one hand we have the issue of youth, associated with the passive (bottom) role in sex inherited from Greek master-pupil system, and secondly the loss of masculinity or feminization also associated with the passive role, which it is produced by the reduction of the person to the only usefull, his ass, just as happens with women who are reduced to their pussy. This fact is reinforced with other related expressions such as Boy-Pussy or Gash, where the passive role in sex, femininity and female prostitution are related.

Ass pirate

expression used in the 90s in gay bashing, but referred to top ones.

Ass raider

expression used in the 80s in gay bashing, belonging to the set of insults to gays with active sexual role, which do not involve a loss of masculinity, unlike what happens to passive sexual role gays.

Ass wipe

in the 60s it was used to name a piece of toilet paper, and could be used in a derogatory way to insult gay people. What value could have a used piece of toilet paper?


another expression to insult top gays.


expression used in the 90s in gay bashing, but referred to bottom ones, by the difference in nuance between, for example, a bandit and a leech, because leech is more derogatory than bandit.


used to call middle-aged or elderly gay men. Some suggest that Aunt(ie) was initially slang of madam, or old prostitute who ran a brothel, producing, as in many cases, a semantic transition from prostitute to homosexual man. It can also be used to call a lesbian who is a mentor or protective of a homosexual man.

Variations Aunty, Auntie, Aunt fancy, Aunt Mame, Aunt Mathilda.

Synonyms Chin-strap, Old man, DOM (Dirty old man), Fallen star, Fallen woman, Flea bagger, Fleadum (60’s, probably a variant of Fleadoom, a brand of flea), Fleet bagger, Geritol set (Geritol is a famous brand of multivitamins), Grandma, Gray lady, Grimm's fairy, Old girl, Old goat, Old hen, Old one, Old thing, Old queen, Old queer, Pruneperson, Rancid flower, Soiled senior citizen, Weel-chair set. These expressions indicate that, regrettably, in the gay world, youth is a treasure and old age a crime.

Related Ginch, Hump, Kife, Twidget, Skippy. All related to the sense of slut, bad woman, prostitute, etc, that have been used to insult gay people.

Aunt Mame

aunt mom. Used to appoint gay middle-aged. This expression is related to the 1958 film "Auntie Mame", in which a middle-aged woman takes care of her orphaned nephew, educating him by extravagant life style. A film with many winks to gay audience, becoming an icon, which got through censorship, and have several Academy Award nominations and winning a pair of Golden Globes.

fotograma de la película Auntie Mame

Frame of a scene in which you can see two cross-dressing women, two Kesser Vater.


early 20th century it was used as a euphemism for homosexual, rarely a single man escaped of the suspicions.


name of the fruit used as slang for homosexual men, probably because it is also a euphemism for penis. This expression, which also uses the plural form, bananas, belongs to "Fruits, Vegetables and Plants" set, which so many insults have generated worldwide.

Related Banana Car, expression used at the end of the 50 to signal the car of a homosexual man. Banana car Fact or envy?


castrated. Gay men often have been portrayed by heterosexuals as castrated, considering them little men, and mistakenly consider that gay people can not have offspring.

Synonyms Capon, Castratos, Eunuch.


is slang for homosexual boy, probably because in the early 17th century it was used to name the guys who prostituted themselves.

One of the most prolific sources to insult male homosexuals was male prostitution. There is evidence of male prostitution since the Middle Ages in Spain, the origin of the word "Puto" with the same meaning, as in the City of London, and others say it was widespread throughout Europe and the United States.

There were 2 types of male prostitution, on the one hand by very masculine men, usually soldiers who were poorly paid at that time, which were available as sexually active couples, and on the other a much older tradition, it was done by cross-dressing men who frequented some bars and taverns. In the 17th and 18th centuries those effeminate men were called "Mollies" which comes from "Moll" (petform of "Mary"), and the places where they worked were called Molly-houses.

Related Batty boy, Batty-man, Bat-boy

Batty boy

Term from Jamaica, derived from the word bottom that has the meaning of passive, used to name pejoratively to homosexuals. Also translated as crazy or crackpot. In Jamaica homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment for men and totaly legal for women, but beatings and death are for twice. Word used in USA. Derogatory intention.

Beaded Lady

it is an expression of the gay slang used to appoint gay men who had a woman to date with, to avoid suspicion about his homosexuality. It may seem strange today such behavior, however keep in mind that before the Stonewall riots, the fact that your homosexuality was discovered, could lead to the expulsion of the studies, the loss of job and family.

Beard flit

it is an expression used to name the effeminate gay men and gay men in general. Similar case of beard occurs in Italy with mustache, with the expressions Baffa and Baffo-checca.

Related Flit.


word used in the mid-20th century as opposed to "straight", probably because at the beginning of the century was synonymous with criminal or illegal. Perhaps it is related to the word "straight" means heterosexual.


in the 60s it was used as slang for bisexual. It was also used to name those homosexuals who liked men and boys, as well as the versatile homosexuals, who are those are top and bottom in sexual intercouse.

Related Bicycle rider, used in the 60s to name who liked to have sex with bisexual men and also to name the versatile bisexual.


expression used in the late 19th century to appoint gay men, which origin is in the same British slang expression to appoint women prostitutes. Female prostitution is also present at the origin of many insults for homosexuals, especially with passive sexual role, because many of the terms, related to prostitution, for attacking women, are used to insult gay men because they are considered as the worst kind of women. Some argue that such common words as "Gay", "Fag" and "Faggot", in a previous slang, had the sense of sexually dissolute women, promiscuous, libertine, etc.


we have already talked on purpose some words and expressions above, of the relation of many insults for gay men with prostitution, both male (see Bat) and female (see Bird).

Bog Queen

bathroom Queen. Gay slang expression for calling those who frequent the baths and public wc looking for sexual encounters. Oddly enough there was a time when there was no Internet, or the Grindr, nor Bender nor Wapo ... and men meet men for sex as they could. Public toilets of the train and bus stations and also public parks became really torrid places. In the United States, for example, there were policemen who insinuate other men in these places to catch and arrest homosexuals.

Synonyms Bathsheba (composition between bathroom and Sheba to create a name reminiscent of the Queen of Sheba), Ghost (50s, ghost, because they wander the corridors of the bathroom).


bonobo is a species of primate, bisexual and with a great sexual activity because sex also aims to maintain the cohesion of the herd. It is for this reason that it is used as slang for homosexual or bisexual, as well as to refer to a great sexual activity.


in prison slang, active (top) in sexual intercourse.


is a widely used word to define the preferred sex role to the case of passive gays. Passive gays are those that are penetrated in sexual intercourse.

Synonyms Bang (mid 60s in Los Ángeles), Bender, Brownie queen, Browning queen, Browning-sister, Bum boy, Passive partner, Bottomless pool, Boy-pussy, Boy-snatch, Boy-cunt, Bronc, Bronk, Gash, Gentleman pussy, Jere, Mustard-pot, Nooky, Opened up, Peg boy (In the 19th century in the brothels, they forced the boys to sit on a stake to dilate the anus), Punk (the meaning is callow youth, the youth related with the passive role in sex. In prison slang, it could also mean prostitute and who is constantly oppressed and violated), Pussy, Sea-pussy, Sister, Spread, Tailbone, Wife.

Variations Bottoms.

Boy-scout queen

expression of gay jargon to appoint who pretending to be asleep while is sucked or fucked. A recurring fantasy in so many teenagers ...


this word could be interpreted as "wild colt that needs to be tamed." Related to homosexuality could refer to a young and inexperienced guy, requiring dressage by a man through anal sex.

Variations Bronk

Related Catamite, Ganymede, Pogue, Punk.


Buff Tied is a guy who is very fit, handsome, hot, fuckable and fabulous, all in one. But seems to be derogatory.


it could be a variant of the Scottish word "Bufty" used to insult gays, probably because it also has the meaning of coward.


The word derives from Bulgarian, the gentilic. The origin of the term dates back to the ninth century, when Orthodox Catholics wanted to evangelize Bulgarian territory, where there was a very strong animist stream. To combat this they spread the idea that in the area of Bulgaria was a sect that practiced sodomy. Derogatory intention.

Bum boy

it could be translated as ass boy, but may be related in origin with the expression that refers to street boy.

Bumping pussy

expression of the 70 of the prison jargon to say that there are two gay having sex.

Butt pirate

it is a pejorative expression to insult gay men, though in gay jargon is used to name who has the role of active in sex intercourse.


expression of the 30s to appoint an effeminate gay man. It is also the name of a flower. But we do not know if its relationship with homosexuality comes from the flower and its relation with femininity, or from one of its literal meaning, cup of butter, relating the cup with the ass, or also from its relation with the butt, slang of ass.

Related Daisy, Pansy, Tulip


it can have several meanings, effeminate homosexual or act so effeminate, or also used to name the passive (bottom) homosexual. The butterfly is often associated with male homosexuality, as with the case of the Spanish language, "Mariposón" (big butterfly).

Cake boy

expresión from gay jargon for appointing a gay guy.


act and behave in female form. Probably it related to the fact that in the 16th century in England, was used to name the young men and boys who acted in the theater dressed women to play female roles.

Related Camp it up (act "offensively" female).

Variations Campy


animal or chicken castrated. The lack of testicles has always been related to the lack of virility and the inability to have children, issues that have traditionally been assigned to gay or effeminate men.

Synonyms Banty, Castratos, Eunuch.


young homosexual guy. It comes from the Latin expression "catamitus" which in turn comes from the Greek "Ganymede". In Greek mythology Ganymede was a beautiful youth loved by Zeus. In this word is relating again the youth with passive sexual role because it follow the classical system in which Zeus would be the teacher and Ganymede would be the pupil. In the Italian language there is the same expression, “Catamito”.

Related Bronc, Ganymede, Pogue, Punk.


the oldest record of this expression dates from 1891 in the UK, and is defined as "fellatrix" (from fellatio). A little later, in 1915, in the United States, appears the registration of "head-worker", being used to insult homosexuals in general.

Synonyms Blowboy, Flute(r), Cannibal, Gobbler, Larro (anagram of Or(r)al), Mouser, Muzzler, Dick-sucker, Dick(ie)-licker, Skin-diver, Nibbler, Lapper, Lick-box.


american rural slang expression, which first reference appears in 1951, to name a homosexual men. It could be interpreted as hole maker or who puts the cob in the hole. It could have the meaning of making holes with corn (penis) or having sex in the cornfield.

Interestingly exists in America a bait to hunt deer that has the same name and its slogan is "Cornholer, funny name, serious results! Below you have the photo of the item, which sells for $ 9.99. Please do not confuse this with a dildo!

There is also a game called Cornhole that involves throwing small bags filled with corn to introduce them in a hole. Apparently the slang came from the game, meaning that to make a "cornhole" was fuck a guy, deriving to "cornholer", who makes it, ending with the item name to hunt deer.

corn holer, nombre divertido, resultados serios

Cow fag

gay jargon term used to name gay people working on ranches and farms, used in western plains of Canada. Desire behind the joke?


gay jargon expression from the 60s to appoint gay hippy style, with long hair and stoned speak.

Curry queen

expression of gay jargon for gays to like Asian men


name of a flower. Although the mid-18th century it is used to say that a person was wonderful or extraordinary, later acquired the meaning of weak, cowardly, effeminate and homosexual man. Also Daisy is a woman's name, so with this expression is evidenced the process by which heterosexual people turn homosexual men into women.

Related Buttercup, Pansy, Tulip


in American slang takes on the meaning of effeminate man or boy, homosexual that has lost its values or have certain philias as cropofagia, golden shower or necrophilia.

Dishonorable discharge

dismissal from the army for homosexuality. The participation of gay men in the United States Army has always been controversial. Recently, in 2011, ended the directive "don’t ask, don’t tell" that banned homosexuality in the army, but also ask, inquire and tell.

Variations Donald duck, Green discharge, Blue discharge.

Doric love

expression of the 20s to name sexual relations between persons of the same sex, in relation to classical Greece.


slang for the bisexuality and even versatility in sex between men.


expression of the 19th century in UK to name those actors who dressed and acted as women to make women's roles in the Victorian burlesque theater. There are two main theories about the origin of the expression, on the one hand would have the meaning of drag by the type of clothing, very large, that was dragged on the floor, and secondly the acronyms DRessed As a Girl or Dressed Resembling A Girl .

Drag Queen

man, gay or not, who dresses as a woman to perform different spectacle types, dressing and acting in a manner exaggeratedly feminine. Although it may seem a purely frivolous issue, there is a background, not always conscious, which aims to make fun of dichotomous notions of gender and sexual roles in society and culture. And there is not only drag queens, but there are other types such as Drag King (woman who dresses and acts like a man in an exaggerated way), Drag Princess (Young drag queen), Drag Butch (woman who dresses and acts like a man without caricature), as well as Faux Queen and Faux King,that are the people who dress and act caricaturing its own genre.

Related Bag lady (ugly or unpleasant Drag Queen), Barbie (foolish Drag Queen), Bean Queen, Bone smuggler, DQ (acronym), San Francisco clones (expression of the gay jargon to name the Drag Queens or very masculine lesbians).


effeminate diminutive of the word used to insult men or boys who are. Most insults for gay men fall into the categories of male passivity and effeminacy, involving the lack or waiver of one's masculinity. By contrast, the terms for homosexuals with active (top) sexual role, rarely involve the loss of femininity or masculinity, which could reinforce the idea that homosexual behavior is more abundant than it might seem, considering that insults for active (top) men in anal intercourse generally have a radically different tone and instead of being "like women" are bandits, pirates, buccaneers, thieves, etc.


used to speak disparagingly of gay men. Everybody knows the devil is a great bugger with a big..;)

Facultative homosexuality

it is widely known that when there are restrictions on sex with women, men tend to show homosexual behavior, as in prisons. This is possible thanks to pluripotency or plasticity of sexuality. However facultative homosexuality express the idea that a hererosexual man can show homosexual inclinations and have sexual desire for a man and act accordingly, and after his release from prison back to his heterosexual life. This remains a sublimation, because excuse homosexual behavior, in the sense that men have homosexual relationships because they have no choice, as if it were a lesser evil instead a human capacity. It remains to be seen, in this return to heterosexuality, if not actually is the beginning of a bisexual life.


expression that appears in the 20s to point to an effeminate gay man or boy. Some authors suggest that this slang comes from a previous slang and that relates women with prostitution because in origin fag means sexually dissolute, promiscuous, libertine woman, etc. So by converting gay men in poor women, they would be converted in turn into whores. Fag also means cigarette and hard work.

Variations Fagateeny (80s, also for gay teen), Faggot, Fagg, Fagot, Faggotry, Faggoty, Faggy.

Related Fag hag, Fag stag, Fag bag (woman married to a gay man).

Fag hag

woman who likes to be with and date gay men. The word "hag" means old, ugly, witch woman, giving the sense of a single woman who dates with queers. An entirely different hue with the similar expression for men, Fag Stag.

Related Fag stag.

Fag stag

recent coined term to name the straight man who likes the company of gay people. Stag is the male of any animal species, specifically deer. As you may notice, when the idea comes to a woman it is a ugly woman, and when it comes to a man is a male. The claw of patriarchy comes to all places and collectives.

Related Fag hag.


faggot negro 1 172 650 650 80 c

Literally a faggot is a bundle of firewood, also a cigarette and a hard work too. The origin of the slang use for gay men may be that it was the symbol of heretics, burned on their skin in Middle Ages. Derogatory.

Variations Fag, Fagg

See Gay Dictionary: Faggot (USA)


Slang of sissy. Derogatory.

Fairy lady

its first meaning is the lesbian with feminine role, but can be used for a bisexual person, without specific gender.


Yiddish expression to name homosexual men with the literal meaning of little bird, and that would probably be a slang related to prostitution.

Variations Feygelah


primarily it is used for naming the lesbian with feminine role, although it can also be found used to appoint an effeminate gay man.

Variations Femme


it is used to appoint an effeminate homosexual man who boasts (provoke) of his femininity.

Variations Flamer.

Flip-collar fairy

a flip-collar is one of the complements of priests clothing, weared in the neck. This expression from gay jargon refers to a homosexual priest and even a pedophile or pederast priest.

Synonyms Mary of the cloth


this expression from gay jargon indicates that a person is bisexual or that is versatile in his sexual intercourses, as it is commonly used to describe a radical change, a change of 180 degrees, or a change of opinion. This might indicate to us the lack of understanding the bisexual people may have or had within the gay community.


it is a stereotypical way of women's movement or women’s gait, so the word Flit can be found used for appointing a gay man or effeminate gay man.

Variations Flitty


flowers are socially associated with femininity, so the word Flower is used to appoint homosexual men and effeminate boys or men. It could also be related to the fact that the word Flower is a euphemism of anus, and could be used to appoint homosexuals for the issue of anal sex.

Related Buttercup, Daisy, Pansy, Tulip


Flute (and Fluter) is a euphemistic term for appointing a homosexual man, possibly because in the 18th century it was a slang for penis and later in the 20th century was also related to fellatio. In American slang for male homosexuals abound, unlike other languages, the terms related to blowjobs.

Synonyms Blowboy, Cock-sucker, Cannibal, Gobbler, Larro (anagram of Or(r)al), Mouser (hunting mice), Muzzler (It has to do with putting the muzzle), Dick-sucker, Dick(ie)-licker, Skin-diver, Nibbler (who gives small bites), Lapper (licker, sorber), Lick-box (licker cunt).


today means to make gay sex. It could be an anagram of the word Poof, meaning effeminate or homosexual man, and in this sense it was used in Australia in the early 20th century, and in the 70s in the United States in the sphere of male colleges.

Related Poof


expression used in the state of Texas (USA) to refer to a homosexual man. The origin of this expression is in neighboring Mexico, where is used the same expression in Spanish language, due to a scandal occurred in 1901 in Mexico City where 41 homosexuals were imprisoned, many from affluent classes, due to held a private dance in which almost half were dressed women. This incident is known as "The Dance of the Forty-One". It is said that in reality they were 42, but one of them was the son-in-law of President Porfirio Diaz, who was allowed to escape. Those who could not afford freedom or silence were sentenced to hard labor in the Oaxaca National Valley. So the number 41 was avoided in Mexico for a long, long time.

Los 41 maricones, por José Guadalupe Posada

Front page of the time.


we know this word in the sense of someone with great enthusiasm and affinity for something, but also has the meaning of strange, weird, unusual, etc., characteristics traditionally been assigned homosexual men, and this is why you can find with this meaning. Some say that is a variation of the word hermaphrodite.

Friend of Dorothy

euphemism to indicate that someone is homosexual, in relation to gay icon, Judy Garland, in the film "The Wizard of Oz".


homosexual man. About this word we have not found information on its origin. It may be a variation of Flit, or a short way of saying frightened.


Slang of fag. Derogatory.


Fruit is slang of homosexual man, and Fruit-picker is an expression to refer to a bisexual man, mostly heterosexual, occasionally looking sex with men.

Fudge packer

The literal meaning is a machine to package candys or a person who do thas work. In the wider sense is a man, not necessarily homosexual, who likes to get a candy bar, or, in other way, a man who likes be penetrated. Derogatory.


reference to the character from Greek mythology, the god Zeus fell in love. Since the Renaissance may appear to refer to any homosexual man, but more so for a young one in his relationship with older men.

Related Catamite, Bronc, Pogue, Punk.


Its the most universal and internationally way to appoint homosexual men, that is, men who show inclination towards erotic and emotional relationship with individuals of the same sex.

Ver Gay Dictionary

Gay cat

term used from 1902 to refer to a young homosexual. Gay cat can also mean prostitute, it is that sometimes young gays could be expelled from family, work, studies, etc. having no choice but to prostitution to survive.

Gentleman of the back door

British slang expression of the 18th century to name the active (top) homosexual men, where the back door is the ass. As in most cases the terms for homosexuals with active sexual role, the insult does not involve femininity or the loss of masculinity: gentleman, king, bandit, rider, inspector, packer, pusher, etc.

Synonyms Arse-king, Arse/ass bandit, Arse-burglar, Booty-bandit, Backdoor('s) man, Backgammoner, Inspector of manholes, Dirt-track rider, Turd-packer, Dung-pusher, Poo-jabber.


this expression comes from a London slang called Cockney rhyming slang. Very basically consist in replacing a word you do not want to pronounce to avoid be understood by others, with words that sound alike and rhyme, and may even have some relation of meaning.

In this case the word “Queer” was replaced by "Brighton Pier", and after by "Ginger beer", then shorting to "Ginger". Similarly "Queer" resulted in "King Lear" which in turn resulted in "Jere" and "Gear" two slang for homosexual man.

Related Haricot, Iron, Jocker, Perry.


paradigmatic expression used for appointing a homosexual man, especially for effeminate ones and also with passive (bottom) sexual role.

The key to understanding the large number of expressions for passive (bottom) or effeminate gays is the supposed reversal of gender and sex roles when someone takes, or seems to have, a behavior considered "natural" or "appropriate" for the opposite sex.

According to this Manichean scheme, a homosexual with passive (bottom) sexual role should be in some sense, a woman; even a man who is raped is considered to have lost their manhood and in fact becomes a woman. Many slang terms for passive homosexual personify directly as a vagina or anus (Gash, Boy-pussy, Bumboy); Another common procedure is to use a word that has female reference as is the use of a woman's name (Mary,Pansy, Marjery); or can be any of the large number of words commonly used for women (fem, bich, wife); or else a word that refers to the stereotypical female behavior (limp-wrist, flit, swish).


in prison slang, it is the active (top) partner in anal intercourse.


expression of the 60s belonging to the gay jargon for a young man in the army, ranging in age between 17 and 22 years.

Goober smoocher

as we have found, truckers called gays with this expression, but it is also used outside that sector. The literal interpretation would be "silly kisser", which could refer to the contrast between the hardness of truck drivers and gays, however "goober" in sailor’s slang means cock, so the sense of Goober Smoocher could be to "cock-sucker" very enthusiastic or applied.

Good buddy

apparently this expression in the field of truckers also refers to a gay man, we have even heard of fights in the service areas when a trucker called another Good buddy.


besides silly, dumb, etc, from 1950 in prison jargon meant homosexual man.


in prison jargon, it is a homosexual boy maintained and cared for by another inmate.

Gym rat

gay with great muscular development


polyvalent expression to name a bisexual person, whether male or female, as well as a versatile man in gay sex (top and bottom), as well as being fucked doing a fellatio.


a bean is used for the famous "baked beans" of English breakfast. It is slagn of effeminate homosexual and the origin is in Cockney rhyming slang, with the following process Queen --> Haricot bean --> Haricot.

Related Ginger, Iron, Jocker, Perry.


expression used both transsexuals, as lesbians, as well as for effeminate gay men.


60s expression of prison slang to indicate the active (top) partner in anal intercourse.

Hippy queen

expression of gay jargon for name who wear the typical look of the 60s with long hair, ragged jeans, etc.


short form of the word homosexual.


archaic medical term for homosexuality.


archaic medical term for homosexuality, of time when it was considered a pathology.

Ice-cream sundaes

generic name for an ice cream (as it is the banana split) used as slang for "gay French sailors", used in the late 60s.


archaic medical term used in early 20th century to name homosexuality. Today has an entirely different meaning related to intersexuality.

Variations Intersexes.


19th century medical term for naming homosexuality.


the origin of this slang is the Cockney rhyming slang, because really means "poof”, that is, homosexual or effeminate man. The process is as follows.: Poof --> Iron hoof --> Iron"

Related Ginger, Haricot, Jocker, Perry.


generally is an aggressive homosexual man who protects a younger one, and in the jargon of the British and American prisons takes on the meaning of active (top) in anal intercourse. Derived from the rhyming slang "Jock" meaning "Cock" as a noun and "Fuck" as a verb. Is the same in the jargon of Australia's prisons, for active homosexual they use "Hock", which is rhyming slang for "Cock".

Related Ginger, Haricot, Iron, Perry.

Killer queen

expression of gay jargon used in the mid-60s during the Vietnam War, to appoint gay soldier who participated in the war.


expression of gay jargon appeared in San Diego in the late 60s, to name masculine gay people, active (top) in anal intercourse, and even butch lesbians.

Camiseta con ilustración Khing

See Gay Dictionary: Khing (Thailand)

Knob polisher

although the word "knob" means, among other things, doorknob, is argot of dick. Knob polisher is a trucker slang term to name gay people, especially those who suck cocks.


adjective for things with laces or bows. Used to name the effeminate homosexuals. Everyone knows that gays get used to wear laces... ;)


lavender color, violet, traditionally associated with gays and lesbians, used pejoratively, but it has also been appropriated by the collective.

Variations Lavender boy, Lavender lad


lefty. Expression used for homosexual men. Homophobic world usually classified with dichotomies. Right-handers are the good ones, lefties are bad, the deviants.


expression that comes from the stereotypical behavior of women, referring to the union between the hand and arm.

Variations Broken-wrist.

Main queen

in prison jargon, is the person more characterized as gay more and with more sexual demand from the other inmates.

Related Ace Queen.

Mama's boy

effeminate boy or man very attached to his mother.

Variations Mammy boy.


besides homosexual, as the context, may mean sexual desire of a young teenager by much older adult men.

Synonyms Adultophile, Boyfag, Cherry top, Fatherfucker, Gerontophilia.


Latin American expression to call homosexual men. Variation of "Marica" and "maricón", which in turn are variations of the Spanish name of woman, María.


woman's name to name a passive (bottom) homosexual man in sex. One of the common methods to convert to passive homosexuals in women is applying a word that is female reference, as is the use of a woman's name.

Related Molly, Marjery, Mary-Ann, Charlotte-Ann, Miss Nancy, Nance, Maria, Betty, Dinah, Ethyl, Nola, Gussie.

Mary of the cloth

this expression from gay jargon refers to a homosexual priest and even a pedophile or pederast priest.

Synonyms Flip-Collar Fairy.

Mental hermaphroditism

archaic medical term for homosexuality. Years ago, a lack of understanding of homosexuality made various forms of sexual diversity were confused, so often homosexuals were called hermaphrodites.

Related Morphodite, Morphydite, Morphrodite, y Moffie (South Africa) are all variations (corruptions) of the word hermaphrodite.


walk, move or act with affected elegance. Mince in a sense corresponds to the stereotype of the gait of homosexuals, so usually this word is related to homosexuality, even within the gay community, as in Cape Town (South Africa), which can be used to name passive homosexuals. Mince may also correspond to the stereotyped way of moving of the women, so this could also be the origin of the slang.


short form of the word Homo, which in turn is the short form of homosexual.


this is an expression with multiple applications because it can be used to appoint a homosexual or effeminate man, also to call the oldest of a group of gays, and even for the person who introduced other in the gay world.

Murdering butches

expression of the gay jargon used in the 60s to appoint gay soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War.

Muscle mary

80s expression to appoint gay with great muscular development.


woman's name was used in the 19th century to name the passive (bottom) gays, which is also used to name the gays in general, and effeminate men.


woman name used in the 40s to appoint effeminate homosexuals.

Variations Nelly, Swish Nellie, Swish Nelly.

Neptune's daughter

gay jargon expression for gay sailors.

Synonyms A piece of Navy cake, Aggie (derived from the name of women Agnes or Agatha), Sea-fairy, Seafarer, Seal, Sea pussy, Shell queen, Wave (used in the late 60).


castrated. Expression used for gay or effeminate men.

Non-gender specific

expression used in the 90s to appoint bisexuals.


in the jargon of prisons is the name given to who is no longer anally virgin, also who is constantly raped or is about to be.


expression to point a groper, toucher, feeler gay.

Old Horatian way

19th century expression coined by Charles Skinner Matthews, a friend of Lord Byron.

Opened up

in the jargon of prisons is the name given to who is no longer anally virgin, also who is constantly raped or is about to be.


is the name of a flower that is used from the 20s to appoint homosexuals, weak or effeminate men.

Related Buttercup, Daisy, Tulip

Part of the pile

expression used in New Orleans, be "part of the pile", is to be part of the group of gay guys, similar to the Spanish expression "ser del gremio” (be of the union).


Pato, Gay Slang Collection, printed on white t-shirt.

expression of the Spanish language with Latin American origin to appoint a homosexual man. The word Pato were used to call clumsy men, boobies, teased, etc., negative characteristics that always have been led to gay men and is, in this process of identifying, where is the origin of this expression to insult gays in Latin America, which use has spread to other countries.

See Gay Dictionary: Pato (Latin America).


it is a male proper noun and is slang of effeminate man. Percy is the pet form of penis and this is probably the origin of this slang.

Variations Percy boy, Percy-pants.


Perry is an alcoholic drink produced with pear, but this has nothing to do with the slang. The origin of this expression is in Cockney rhyming slang, and actually what it means is "Homo", the short form of homosexual. The process is as follows: Homo --> Perry Como --> Perry.

Related Ginger, Haricot, Iron, Jocker.


short form of pervert. Perverted.


pink color. Slang of homosexual man.


homosexual man, probably a short form of slang word Pixilated, meaning crazy, eccentric, confused.


term for a young homosexual man.

Variations pogie pogy, poggie, poggy pogey.

Related Punk, Bronc, Catamite, Ganymede


Maricona. Un hombre abiértamente homosexual. Despectiva.

Variaciones Poofta


70s expression of prison jargon, to name the one who wears a more feminine appearance as possible, with shaved legs and plucked eyebrows.


prim, prudish, puritanical. Are stereotyped ways of how women are, applied to gay men.

Variations Prissy queen (gay jargon expression to appoint a snooty gay, prim, snob, etc.)

Related Limp-Wrist, Broken-wrist, Flit, Mince, Swish


it is a fruit, but in the late 60s in prisons was slang of the anus. Later it became used to call who was anally virgin.


young homosexual who lives with vagrants, beggars, homeless. It is a variant of "Prushun", expression appearing in 1893 and is used to name a boy traveling with a vagrant and begging for him. Alarming is the number of young people in the USA who end up living on the street, expelled from the family sphere, for the sole reason of being homosexual.


Fagot. Derogatory.

Variaciones Poof


Punk is a slang of young homosexual. In prison slang Punker would be the one who do punks, that is, active (top) in sexual intercourse.


in sport terms (football), is the kicker and in the prison jargon is the active (top) in sexual intercourse.


Term used among gays to describe a very effeminate man. Derogatory.

See Gay Dictionary: Khing (Thailand)


The word queer, derived from the German "que" that means twisted, deviant, not adquired overtly sexual connotations until 1920, when was commonly used to refer homosexuals. "Queer" enjoyed a great popularity among gay men who took it to define theyselves until 1930, when it began to spread the use of the word gay. (Explanation from the book "El Laberinto Queer" by Susana Lopez Penedo) Neutral.


besides the garment, is a term used to call passive homosexuals or who act in feminine way.


literally it means to swagger, show off. A term used to name the passive (bottom) homosexual or who acts in feminine way. Derived from the type of movement in ballet, the chassé, which became very popular from 1836 by the success of a group dance, the "square-dance" in which one of the movements was the chassé, which ended pronounced as sashay. One way to move or walk associated with male homosexuality.


a homosexual man who usually go to the beach looking for sexual encounters.

Synonyms Beach bitch, Beach-bum (50s, bum means ass), Bushbunny (ass in the bush), Bush patrol, Seafarer (sea people), Shell queen, Sunflower, Tailgator (a mix between ass and stalking crocodile), Tansie, Beach blanke.


British expression used to name the homosexual man, for that to lift his shirt to have sex.


used to appoint gay man, probably related to a speechless flirting technique. Look and smile.

Snake handler

snake is slang for cock, so the handler is a homosexual man. It began to be used in the 90s.


biblical reference to appoint a homosexual.


banquet, feast. Expression of prison jargon to name who is not a virgin anally, is constantly violated or is about to be.


means stir up the fire, but in reality what it would to say is "Bent" which is another slang for homosexual man, literally meaning twisted or criminal. The explanation for this relationship is in Cockney rhyming slang, with the following process: Bent --> Stoke-on-Trent --> Stoke.

Sugar daddy

expression of the black community in the 20s, to refer to the lover who maintains his girl, which is especially young. Over time, this expression becomes also used by the LGBT community, either gay or Tomboy lesbians.

Synonyms Angel, Papa gâteau (cake dad, French expression with the same meaning), Santa Claus.


30s expression that means moving or behave outrageously in feminine way, and this is why it is also used to refer to passive homosexuals. Most insults to effeminate men and passive sexual role homosexuals, have their origin in the process of making them women, and one of the ways is by a word referring to the stereotypical female behavior, such as word Swish.

Variations Swisher.


changes or substantial alteration. Used to refer to passive (bottom) homosexuals.


expression used in the field of baseball to refer to a batter able to hit right and left, which is slang for bisexual.

That way

euphemism to avoid the word homosexual.

Third sex

archaic expression coined by Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895), in good faith, in his attempt to explain male homosexuality as female soul in a male body.

Three-letter man

expression of the 30s from the scope of the male schools, to indicate that someone was gay, because the word Fag has 3 letters, and comes from the custom of qualifying or reward with letters, sporting or academic achievements.


expression originated in the 16th century to name a young girl who prefers activities, appearance, and kid attitude, of the allegedly female. It can also be used for an effeminate boy trying to look masculine.


very used expression to define the preferred role sex in anal intercourse for the case of active men. Active gay is who fucks other.

Synonyms Active, Arse-king, Arse Bandit, Ass bandit, arse-burglar, Ass raider, Back-door man, Backgammoner, Bang artist (Bang is the bottom, the passive in anal intercourse), Biscuit-bandit (cake is jargon of anus), BK (Acronym used in ads in United Kingdom), Bodyguard (the late 60), Booty-bandit (booty means little ass), Boretto ma (little bore), Boring a bud (drill), Bottle opener), Brown artist (mid-60s, brown are faeces), Brown hatter (mid-60), Brownie king (United Kingdom), Bucket (it comes from slang for ass or from a type of destroyer ship), Buey, Bugger, Buggerantoes, Bum-fugger, Bummer, Bun-bandit, Bunny cake, Deadeye dick, Dirt tamper (40s, ass saboteur), Dirt-track rider, Dung-pusher, Eye doctor (where it is the eye of the ass), Forty-niner (Name who received the first searchers in the gold rush, which in the 40s was used for active gays), Gander, Gonif (thief, scoundrel, swindler), Gooser (50s, which touches the ass), Greek, Gut-reamer (Stretcher intestines), Gut-stretcher (Stretcher intestines), Gut-stuffer (filler intestines), Humper and a pumper (70s, who catch and pump), Inspector of manholes , Keester-bandit (from back), King (late 60s in San Diego), Knight of the golden grummet (golden grummet would be the anus), Miner (mid 60s, Pitch o Pitcher (from baseball), Poo-jabber, Pratt-man (pratt means ass), Pratt-hunter, Rear specialist, Rider, Ring snatcher (ring kidnapper, were ring means anus), Sodomite, Tom fucker (from United Kingdom), Top drawer (first class), Turd-packer (turd is a piece of shit).


another flower name to appoint gay men. It originated in the 80s.

Related Buttercup, Daisy, Pansy.


one Twink is a homosexual young man, slim, attractive, slender, childlike, no or little body hair, adolescent or in his twenties, sexually receptive and usually blond. Nowadays, you can find Twinks in a variety of colors and flavors though. The network is full of porn pages where thousands of these young people delight many young and old men.


archaic expression for homosexual which is a loan term from the German Urningtum, created in 1864 by the homosexual activist Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895), in reference to the goddess Aphrodite Urania appearing in Plato's Symposium as protective of homosexual love, and that would be the so-called third sex.

Variations Udders, Uranism, Uranianism, Urning.

Water chestnuts

gay jargon expression of the late 70s to appoint Japanese gay sailors. The water chestnut is an edible bulb of an Asian herb widely consumed in that area.

Water lilies

gay jargon expression of the late 60s, to name the British gay sailors.


term used for a gay man with an uncontrollable sexual desire, which seeks and needs sex constantly. Also it used to call men in prostitution as well as to name among friends.

Synonyms Barbarella (70s), Cheap thing, Chuspanel, Club date, Cruise (from cruising), Delilah, Dirty lay (60s), Dirty thing, Fallen woman, Floozy (slut), Garbage woman, Ginny woman (street woman or wild woman), Ground woman, Gutter limits (limits of obscenity), Hussy (shameless), Jezebel (biblical character who takes her people, Israel, to sexual immorality), Lay of the land, Man trap, Privates investigator (genital investigator), Satyriasis o Satyromania (from satyr, medical term for oversexed), Scarlet woman, Scrub-woman (despicable woman, groped woman), Slut, Swamp woman (stalker woman, Texas 40s), Tart (bitch, in the UK), Thirty-day boy (United Kingdom), Wear a change belt, Wild thing, Working girl, Horndog (dog with a boner).

Variations Whorella.

Wienie washer

wienie is a type of Frankfurt sausage, and is a variant of the word weenie, which is slang of dick. Cock cleaner. It is a trucker jargon expression for gay people.


in early 20th century in prison jargon, meant aggressive homosexual man.

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